Administrative & Finance

The Administrative and Finance team ensures the MONSE office has the necessary funding to support community-based organizations and service providers and can expand the potential network of funding available for neighborhood safety. We partner with community-based organizations, healthcare centers, city, state, and federal agencies to serve everyone who works, lives, and visits Baltimore. 

Picture of Brianna "Bri" Young
“I enjoy learning about the needs of communities and I am dedicated to improving the Baltimore community through service, transparency, and collaboration.”

Brianne "Bri" Young 
Associate Director of Finance 


When we asked "Bri" which of MONSE's values her team embodied every day, she said:

                                                    MONSE's values of partnership, transparency and results-oriented work guide the administrative and finance lane.

What Does the Finance Team Do? 

  • Provides programmatic and fiscal management of the grants that support community-based organizations and service providers;
  • Manages the contracts and fiscal needs of MONSE, and works with Baltimore City's Procurement Office, Chief Solicitor, Audits Office, and Board of Estimates to ensure all contracts are being executed properly; and 
  • Identifies and compiles potential funding for immediate and future support.         



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