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Mayor Scott at Safety Walk

As violence prevention takes a central role in the new Baltimore crime plan, Safe Streets tries to grow, change and live up to its name | Baltimore Sun 07/26/2021 

For (Steve) Diggs and other violence interrupters for Baltimore’s Safe Streets program, who typically are ex-offenders themselves, the goal is to mediate and resolve even trivial-seeming conflicts before they turn into something more serious or even fatal… on Friday, Mayor Brandon Scott unveiled a five-year crime-fighting plan that calls for tripling the number of violence prevention programs, but also revamping the current model into what he called “Safe Streets 2.”

Cautious Optimism Over Baltimore Mayor Scott's New Crime Plan | Fox45 07/25/2021

Fox45 News is digging deeper into the mayor’s plan to reduce violence in the city… Experts are cautiously optimistic right now. With almost 400 people shot this year and almost 200 killed in Baltimore, it's a concerning level of violence.

But former federal prosecutor Thiru Vignarajah says now is the time for optimism. "We've got to give the mayor a chance to deliver on this campaign promise and now this administration promise," he says.

Mayor unveils 3 pillar Baltimore City Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan | WBAL 07/23/2021

Reducing Baltimore's violence was one of Mayor Brandon Scott's priorities when taking office. He announced his multi-year crime plan in three parts throughout the day Friday.

While he is not the first mayor of Baltimore to talk about the need for a holistic approach to this issue, Scott said he is the first one to actually implement a comprehensive plan to prevent and reduce violent crime. The goal is to reduce violent crime by 15% in five years.

The Mayor's Office said it will mark the beginning of a five-year process toward building a better, safer Baltimore.

READ IT: Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Releases 3-Pillar City Crime Plan Friday | WJZ 07/23/2021

Mayor Brandon Scott unveiled his three-pillar city crime plan Friday morning.

Scott rolled out a new Baltimore City Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan in three events across the city, featuring the three “pillars” of the plan.

It’s the “first-of-its-kind public safety strategy” and the final product of Scott’s Draft Violence Prevention Framework and Plan that received feedback from hundreds of residents in more than 36 public community sessions.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott reveals crime plan; residents speak out | Fox 45 07/23/2021

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott reveals a crime plan with a goal of reducing violent crime by 15% for the next five years. 

"This plan is not just my plan, it's Baltimore's plan. It's our plan to deal with the disease of gun violence," said Scott. The mayor describes the plan as a holistic approach to a public health crisis. 

Five takeaways from Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s new crime plan | Baltimore Sun 07/23/2021

The five-year crime plan announced by Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Friday is the culmination of months of public meetings and campaign pledges on the part of Scott to tackle gun violence and crime in Baltimore City.

Here are the main policies and goals laid out in the plan:

  • A historic reduction in gun violence rates
  • Alternatives to policing mental health and overdose emergencies
  • An acknowledgment of institutional racism
  • Advocacy for safe injection sites
  • An unknown price tag

Political leaders back Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s crime plan during announcement tour | Baltimore Sun 07/23/2021

Baltimore’s political and community leaders rallied behind Mayor Brandon Scott’s newly released crime plan Friday during a day-long series of public events to promote the plan… The proposal also calls for the city to reintroduce a group violence reduction strategy, to provide more comprehensive re-entry services for those returning from incarceration, and to better cooperate with federal officials to investigate gun traffickers and illegal gun purchases.

Crowding behind the first-term Democratic mayor outside the Rose Street Community Center in East Baltimore Friday morning, federal, state, and local officials clamored to share their praise for the yet untested plan.

AFRO Exclusive: Mayor Brandon Scott unveils new plan to combat violent crime | AFRO 07/23/2021

Mayor Brandon Scott believes building a better and brighter Baltimore requires a new approach, especially in tackling the city’s top threats. In an exclusive interview with the AFRO, Mayor Scott and Shantay Jackson, director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, detailed their partnerships with residents and community organizations to create the city’s new first-ever holistic public safety plan.  

The Baltimore City Comprehensive Violence Prevention Program is a five-year plan that offers a sustainable solution to gun violence by treating it as a matter of public health. By strategically addressing the needs of the individuals pulling the trigger, the city could see a 50% reduction in shootings, which would be a welcomed change for residents.   

“What we see Mayor Scott doing is being innovative and thoughtful about what the reimagination of our city is going to take,” Jackson said. “We are facing adaptive challenges, not technical ones as it relates to violence prevention.”

Baltimore unveils ‘holistic’ five-year plan to reduce and prevent violence | Baltimore Fishbowl 07/23/2021

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott on Friday unveiled a five-year plan to address causes of violence in the city, emphasizing that community voices helped build the plan and that its success will depend on support from all of Baltimore and its partners. Scott said the city will strive to reduce violent crime by 15% each year over the plan’s five years, though he acknowledged the goal will be difficult to reach.

“We understand that no single policy or initiative serves as a cure-all for the long legacy of violence that Baltimore has endured,” he said. “However, I believe wholeheartedly that this transformative approach can move the needle and make every neighborhood in Baltimore a safer place to live.”

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott rolls out multi-year violence reduction plan | WMAR 07/23/2021 

Mayor Brandon Scott on Friday joined other local, state, and federal leaders at three different events to roll out Baltimore's crime reduction plan. It's made up of three pillars set over five years.

Newsmaker: Shantay Jackson, Heading The New Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Safety & Engagement |WYPR Midday with Tom Hall 05/18/2021

A central tenet of Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s approach to crime reduction in our city is the certainty that the traditional strategies that Baltimore has employed for decades have come up short, and that public safety must be re-imagined if the levels of violent crime are to be brought down. Murders and non-fatal shootings have for so long been a part of the landscape of certain neighborhoods. Scott’s vision for a safer city is tied to his vision for a more equitable, more inclusive, and more trauma-informed city, as well.

Tom's guest today has been charged by the Mayor to gather community input and implement the Mayor’s vision for a safer city. Last December, Shantay Jackson was appointed to be the head of a new agency established by Mayor Scott, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement.

A lifelong Baltimorean, Shantay Jackson has experience in the private and public sector, with community groups and conflict mediation and resolution.

The word “engagement” is in the name of her office, and we invite you to engage with Shantay Jackson here on Midday. What do you think we should be doing as a matter of public policy and individual responsibility to stem the tide of violence that has been particularly acute over the last several years?

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement plan | VIDEO | Baltimore Sun 03/15/2021

Shantay Jackson, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement talks about the new Draft Violence Reduction Framework and Plan.

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