Baltimore Public Safety Accountability Dashboard

The Public Safety Accountability Dashboard is a data tool designed to provide greater levels of transparency and allow the public to hold agencies accountable for executing agreed upon strategies and identifying best practices for measuring effectiveness of the administration's public safety efforts.

In its initial iteration, the Dashboard reflects data from respective Baltimore City and State of Maryland agencies on neighborhood and demographics of victims of violence; public safety related activity by neighborhood and police district including arrests; Baltimore’s Community Violence Intervention (CVI) ecosystem including all ten Safe Streets sites as well as Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program data; Neighborhood Policing Plan pilot program data; and prosecution data from the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office.

As Mayor Scott’s agency charged with the co-production of public safety and the implementation of the Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement has worked closely with members of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Baltimore’s Chief Data Officer, the Mayor’s Office of Performance of Innovation, and other agencies to design and develop the dashboard’s first iteration from the ground up, aggregating public safety metrics, data, and experiences into a single portal that is publicly accessible to Baltimoreans for the first time. To ensure peak accessibility and usability for the public, MONSE will update the Dashboard every six months with new data, features, and tools.

For your convenience, take a look at this video tutorial to help guide you through using the dashboard.