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CNSR Manager Rick addresses students during a wellness event.

In line with Mayor Scott’s Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan (CVPP) promise to identify, track, and share key performance metrics and our shared commitment to transparency, MONSE’s Reports and Resources page contains monthly, quarterly, and annual updates around our work to implement Baltimore’s all-hands-on-deck public safety strategy. This includes gun violence prevention, victim services, community engagement and opportunity, policy advocacy and implementation, and funding for community-based and institutional partners co-producing public safety. Additionally, as part of MONSE’s responsibility as the lead agency for the Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan, this page includes annual updates to the CVPP made at the start of each fiscal year on July.

MONSE's Brooklyn Homes Mass Shooting After Action Report (Aug. 2023)

Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan (CVPP)
Baltimore City Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan (Jul. 2021)

MONSE Monthly Highlights 
July 2023
June 2023
May 2023

April 2023
March 2023
February 2023
January 2023
December 2022
November 2022
October 2022
September 2022

Quarterly and Annual Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan Reports 

FY 23 - Q3 (Jan. 1, 2023 - March. 31, 2023) Public Report 
FY 23 - Q2 (Oct. 1, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022) Public Report 
FY23 - Q1 (Jul. 1, 2022 - Sep. 30, 2022) Public Report 
2022 Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan Annual Report 

FY22 - Q4 (April 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022) Public Report 

MONSE Community Violence Intervention Reports 
Safe Streets Baltimore Q3 2023 Report (Jul. 1 - Sep. 30)
Safe Streets Baltimore Q2 2023 Report (Apr. 1 - Jun. 30)
Establishing the Ecosystem: A Vision for Community Violence Intervention (CVI) in Baltimore Comprehensive Update (April 2023)

Safe Streets Baltimore Q1 2023 Report (Jan. 1 - Mar. 31)
Safe Streets Baltimore 2022 Annual Report
Establishing the Ecosystem: A Vision for Community Violence Intervention (CVI) in Baltimore (April 2022)

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Reports 
CJCC Annual Report 2022 (July 2022)

External Academic Reports 
Estimating the Effects of Safe Streets Baltimore on Gun Violence | Center for Gun Violence Solutions, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 2023
Analyzing Crime Displacement from Baltimore’s Group Violence Reduction Strategy | Crime and Justice Policy Lab, University of Pennsylvania 2022

City Council Hearing Presentations
Public Safety and Government Operations (May 24, 2023)
Public Safety and Government Operations (May 10, 2023)