Baltimore City Youth Curfew

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B’More this Summer: Engage + Connect

The City of Baltimore is deploying a comprehensive summer engagement strategy for Baltimore’s young people designed to ensure that they are able to have a safe and engaging summer, enjoy their time off from school, and are afforded programming that continues their social and emotional development by meeting our young people where they are.

This plan integrates events and programming opportunities with efforts to engage young people around Baltimore’s curfew ordinances in ways that limit unnecessary interactions with law enforcement and emphasize connecting young people to crucial supports and wraparound services.

Who does curfew apply to?

As part of the City’s curfew activation, any young person under the age of 14 out after 9 p.m. and between the ages of 14-16 out after 11 p.m. on weekend or holiday nights, without a parent or guardian will be engaged by non-law enforcement staff where they will first be encouraged to go home or call their parent or guardian.

This excludes:

  • Young people participating in City-sponsored events, who will be given City-issued wristbands to verify their participation and have an hour to get home after the end of whatever programming event they attended.
  • Youth heading to or from a place of employment.
  • Youth within one hour and on a direct route from a school, religious, or voluntary association activity or public entertainment event (i.e. play, movie, or sporting event).

What does curfew engagement look like?

The City's Youth Connection Center will be activated on weekends and holidays starting Memorial Day weekend at:

  • CC Jackson Recreation Center, 4910 Park Heights Ave;

Young people will be supervised by staff and areas to play, eat, or sleep will be made available while awaiting pick-up. At pick-up, a calendar of summer programming information will be provided to both youth and their guardians to raise awareness of youth-centered summer options and to deter future curfew violations.

Three primary static locations have been identified for engagement based on their popularity for youth gatherings post-curfew: Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and Federal Hill. Additionally, through the use of community information and Baltimore Police Department intelligence, Curfew Engagement Staff will mobilize as needed to areas in the city where large crowds of youth may be gathering to encourage them to disburse and return home and/or to share programming information with them.

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What accountability measures are in place?

The following accountability measures will be put in place to limit repeat violations:

  • 1st offense: written notice and warning;
  • 2nd offense: $50 fine or family counseling ;
  • 3rd offense: fine of up to $500 or community service for parent / guardian.

Where can I learn more?

Ultimately, we want all of our young people to have a fun and safe time off of school and if you need somewhere to go, the City of Baltimore has a host of events and opportunities especially tailored for young people to enjoy. Check it out at: