2024 Summer Youth Engagement

What is Bmore this Summer? 

The Scott Administration remains committed to providing youth safe and fun ways to spend their summer. Building on the success of last year’s summer programming, the City of Baltimore is launching a summer youth engagement strategy centered around providing events, opportunities, and resources for young people to enjoy themselves in a safe environment outside of school hours. 

Bmore this Summer features programmed events on the weekends, as well as a heightened focus on street-level outreach in the areas young people commonly congregate, starting Memorial Day weekend, that encourages young people to avoid congregating in public spaces and promotes their safety in accordance with Baltimore’s ordinance. This year, the City is also adding a rapid response element to the strategy, explained below.

Events and Programming

Event opportunities hosted through the Mayor’s Office and Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks (BCRP) include BMore Night Hoops (ages 18+), Midnight Basketball (ages 14-17), pool parties, BCRP summer camps, and Rock the Block family block parties. Additionally, the following recreation centers will be operating under extended hours until 11pm every Friday and Saturday from June 28 to August 16 and feature programming tailored to teens and young adults ages 13-20:

  • CC Jackson, 4910 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216 
  • Cahill, 4001 Clifton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216
  • Fred B Leidig, 301 S Beechfield Ave, Baltimore, MD 21229 
  • Robert C Marshall, 1201 Pennsylvania Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Middle Branch, 201 Reedbird Ave, Baltimore, MD 21225
  • Rita Church, 2101 St Lo Dr, Baltimore, MD 21213
  • Greenmount, 2304 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218 
  • Roosevelt, 1221 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211
  • Edgewood/Lyndhurst, 835 Allendale St, Baltimore, MD 21229
  • Herring Run, 5001 Sinclair Ln, Baltimore, MD 21206
  • Madison, 1401 E Biddle St, Baltimore, MD 21225

More information on summer events and programming is available on the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success website

Ground-Level Safety Outreach

In addition to the event offerings listed above, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (MONSE) and the Mayor’s Office of African American Male Engagement (MOAAME) is partnering with We Our Us, the PEACE Team, and youth-serving social workers to provide in-person engagement during curfew hours and offer connections to services for young people and their families where appropriate.

Rapid Response & Youth Connection Center

As mentioned above, the City is creating an on-call rapid response team to be utilized in the event that a young person needs services. This rapid response team is available to respond to pop-up youth gatherings all summer long, not just on weekends. Middle Branch Fitness & Wellness Center (201 Reedbird Ave, Baltimore, MD 21225) has been activated as a Youth Connection Center to provide young people a safe place if they cannot go home. 

Where can I learn more?

Ultimately, we want all of our young people to have a fun and safe time off of school and if you need somewhere to go, the City of Baltimore has a host of events and opportunities especially tailored for young people to enjoy. Check it out at: https://www.bmorechildren.com/bmore4thefuture 

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